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Thru-the-wall HVAC solutions are fitted by creating a hole in the wall, where the AC system is installed. It serves as a functional unit that keeps the room conditioned, without disturbing the window outlets.

How does it work?

A Thru-the-wall HVAC solution is a regular AC unit that has been designed to fit by making a hole in the wall. It’s suitable for apartments or spaces that have thin walls and carving a hole is an easy task. These systems are readily installable and offer energy efficient cooling. The design prevents the window from being utilized, and saves precious ventilator space.

Advantages of using a Thru-the-wall HVAC solution

The Thru-the-wall HVAC solution provides a number of advantages as follows;

  • Thru-the-wall HVAC solution is an ideal for small rooms and enclosures that have thinner walls.
  • These systems are energy efficient, and don’t require two separate components such as in Ductless AC systems.
  • They are easy to install as far as the room is adept to such kind of design.
  • The design frees the ventilator, helping you save space in a tightly packed room.
  • They demand low maintenance and easy repairs even in peak season.

Expert Thru-the-wall HVAC solution Repair in NYC for Commercial and Residential Spaces

If you’re planning to get a Thru-the-wall HVAC solution installed in your house or office, PTAC Installer is your go-to option for the same. We provide expert services for fitting a Thru-the-wall HVAC solution in various types of homes and offices.

We offer repair, installation and fitting services for the Thru-the-wall HVAC solution in New York City. Our goal is to keep your business and home properly conditioned as per your desire, without any interruptions.

We serve our clients round the clock for any HVAC issues that may come up unannounced. If you're facing any kind of troubles with your HVAC system, simply call us and schedule a visit right away.

We also provide Thru-the-wall HVAC solution Installation in NYC for hotels, restaurants or apartments looking to get a new system installed from scratch. Our team of experts will help you set up the system and get it running in no time.

Why go with PTAC Installer for a Window AC System in NYC?

PTAC Installer is a tenured company offering Window AC System repairs in multiple areas in NYC. Our experience as a HVAC servicing company has led us to offer our expert services at competitive prices in New York. We offer HVAC services in Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens and many more areas. We are counted among the leading HVAC servicing companies who offer the following service advantages at competitive pricing in NYC;

  • Trained technicians ready to take on complex repair jobs.
  • Adherence to State issued SOPs for Thru-the-wall HVAC solution repair.
  • On-demand services for Thru-the-wall HVAC solution and Installation.
  • Cost-friendly Repair Services For Thru-the-wall HVAC solution.
  • Quick Turnaround time for impromptu and emergency repairs.
  • Professional Thru-the-wall HVAC solution Repair in NYC.

Contact us today for getting your Reliable Thru-the-wall HVAC solution repair in NYC, and get your HVAC issues resolved to satisfaction.

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