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Air Conditioner Power Wash and Steam Cleaning

Maintain high indoor air quality with our power wash and steam cleaning services. PTAC ensures that you feel the difference in the air conditioning unit and the quality of the air.

Occasional cleaning is cardinal for the air conditioning units a foul coil is incapable of supplying clean air or heat that in turn is harmful to the health. In addition to this, the cooling capacity of a dirt-filled air conditioner is reduced to up to 40%.

Our experts are highly trained in deep cleaning and will also advise the best practices that will help you upkeep on the maintenance.

Why Choose PTAC Installer for your next AC service?

PTAC offers a comprehensive AC power wash and steam cleaning services for a range of HVAC systems. The expert services will remedy the air quality, reduce energy consumption, and will enhance the life of your air conditioning unit.

Our specialized services ensure:

  • Thorough steam cleaning.
  • Personal/commercial coil cleaning.
  • Chemical-free and green services.
  • Visible results.
  • Reduced probability of corrosion.

We extend our services to gymnasiums, corporate offices, boutiques, houses, and hotels across NYC.

We are a call away! So, if you need to get your air conditioner squeaky clean inside out, simply reach out to PTAC and we will be at your service. We specialize in all-round AC repair and installation as well.

Areas we provide quick Power Wash & Steam Cleaning in;

  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Manhattan
  • New Jersey
  • Bronx

Get in touch with PTAC Installer

Contact us at (646)-224-5919 or write to [email protected] to get quick services at a reasonable price for your needs. It will be a pleasure to serve you.